LOGOS, Ivanhoé Cambridge and Bouwinvest Complete First Close of China Logistics Development Venture with US$800m of Investment Capacity

Tuesday 21st April 2020

乐歌集团(LOGOS), 亿万豪剑桥(Ivanhoé Cambridge)和Bouwinvest共同完成乐歌中国新物流开发基金的首期募集,总投资规模8亿美元

LOGOS, Ivanhoé Cambridge and Bouwinvest are pleased to announce they have completed a first close to establish a new logistics development venture in China with a GCC-based (Gulf Cooperation Council) investor for the development of high-quality logistics and industrial facilities in the key logistics markets servicing greater Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and selected markets in the mid-west of China. The establishment of the LOGOS China Logistics Venture 4 (“the Venture”) and its investment strategy builds on the proven and successful strategies of LOGOS and Ivanhoé Cambridge’s previous three ventures in China.

乐歌集团(LOGOS),亿万豪剑桥( Ivanhoé Cambridge)和Bouwinvest非常高兴地宣布,他们与一家来自海湾合作委员会(GCC)成员国的投资方一起,顺利完成乐歌中国新物流开发基金的首期募集。该基金将于核心市场投资开发高质量的物流及工业设施,服务大北京、上海、广州以及中国中西部地区的核心区域。乐歌中国物流基金四期(以下简称“该基金”)及其投资战略将延续乐歌和亿万豪剑桥在中国前三个基金的既有成功投资战略。

The Venture’s investment strategy is to develop a diversified portfolio of facilities targeted at third party logistics and industrial tenants who service the growing domestic consumption and e-commerce markets. The Venture will have over US$800 million in investment capacity from this first closing with the investment program to commence when China’s market conditions stabilise following COVID-19.


LOGOS’ Managing Director and Co-CEO, John Marsh, said: “We are pleased to have again extended our relationship with Ivanhoé Cambridge in China and also welcome Dutch institutional investor Bouwinvest and a new GCC-based investment partner for this Venture.

乐歌董事总经理兼联席首席执行官John Marsh表示:“我们很高兴再次延续了我们与亿万豪剑桥在中国的合作伙伴关系,并且十分欢迎荷兰机构投资者Bouwinvest和GCC成员国投资方成为我们新基金的投资伙伴。

“Our partners’ strong interest in this Venture is testament to the continued growth story of this market, which is coming back into full operation following COVID-19, and LOGOS’ proven track record in China,” he added.


The China logistics sector is underpinned by strong, enduring market fundamentals including the significant growth in ecommerce, which continues to provide a safe and convenient alternative to traditional retail.


Daniel Cai, LOGOS’ Chief Operations Officer, added: “We have been exceptionally pleased with the resilience of our portfolio during COVID-19 which is testament to the strength of domestic consumption in China; a key focus for LOGOS.”


“Looking forward, we have identified an attractive pipeline for this Venture and will be progressing with some strategic acquisitions over the coming months,” he added.


George Agethen, Ivanhoé Cambridge’s Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific, commented: “The continued solid performance of our previous three China ventures and current market conditions makes this the right time for Ivanhoé Cambridge to further invest in this market with LOGOS. The Venture has been structured to capture opportunities as we cautiously emerge from the COVID-19 crisis and reinforces our positive views on the China and global logistics sector.”

亿万豪剑桥亚太区高级副总裁George Agethen评论说:“结合我们之前三个中国基金的持续稳健的表现以及当前的市场条件,意味着现在正是亿万豪剑桥进一步和乐歌携手投资中国市场的好时机。该基金将抓住新冠疫情后的市场机遇,进一步体现我们对中国和全球物流业的乐观态度”。

Tjarko Edzes, who heads Bouwinvest Asia-Pacific Investments, commented: “We are pleased to expand our logistics portfolio in the region with LOGOS and believe long-term fundamentals in China are compelling while current market conditions and the way the venture is set-up will enable us to secure attractive opportunities for logistics development”.

Bouwinvest亚太区投资负责人Tjarko Edzes评论说:“我们很高兴与乐歌携手扩大我们在该地区的物流设施组合,相信中国的长期基本面是乐观向好的,当前的市场条件以及该基金的架构方式,都将使我们能够抓住颇具吸引力的物流发展机遇。”

The establishment of this Venture follows LOGOS having almost fully committed the equity contributions in LOGOS China Logistics Venture 3, which consists of 11 properties, with a total GFA on completion of approximately 1.1 million sqm.


LOGOS’ Asia Pacific portfolio comprises 88 logistics assets across eight countries with a completed value of approximately US$7.0 billion.


Macquarie Fund Advisers Pty Limited (together and through its affiliates, MIRA Real Estate) acted as exclusive financial adviser to LOGOS for the transaction.

麦格理基金顾问有限公司(Macquarie Fund Advisers Pty Limited)(通过其子公司MIRA房地产)担任乐歌集团此次交易的独家财务顾问。

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